The Creative’s

Growing up, we’ve always been poker buddies and this was evident in our passion for the game.Every Tuesday night we had poker games,things changed when Brad moved to the opposite side of the country. We then made the decision to take our game to the internet but we couldn’t find a platform that we enjoyed or one which catered to our needs. The five of us decided to start our platform and so the birth of Please visit

casinousa and make money.

Although we are located in Seattle, the original poker buddies are now spread throughout the country with Adam in Austin, Brad in New York, Nick in Chicago; Matt and Sean in Seattle.

We strive to make MarqueCreative the best online gambling website. Our team has grown from the original five to a team of thirty now residing in Seattle. Due to the growing number of our staff; we’ve expanded our variety of real time,

live casino gambling games and video slot gaming offers.

Meet the creative team



“When we started this ‘small’ project, I was working for a Fortune 500 company in the strategic marketing department. My goal is to help grow the company into a leader and working in a competitive gambling market, staying ahead of the pack is a prerequisite.

I’ve applied my Master’s degree in Finance to good use and the fruits of my labour can be seen with the success of the site.”

Brad – CFO of MarqueCreative

“With me coming to New York, my goal was to grow our current network. The Big Apple is full of fellow and aspiring gambling fanatics and making connections has proved to be beneficial.

Living in the Big Apple does come with its own challenges, but I believe that our dream will not die but grow with time.”

Adam – CIO of MarquCreative

“Sean may be the man with the plan, but I am the guy who gets it done. I started creating my own websites in my dorm room back in the early 90s. I received my Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Florida.

I have worked for leaders in the technology industry where I gained a lot of experience and learned skills which in turn have helped us with our own website.”

Nick – Director of Human Resources

“Having worked for a large local hospital, it came as no surprise when the guys asked me to be in charge of human resources. I’m the people’s person; we live in a world where people are connecting with people and not machines. Making a success of this department is very important we’re always eager to hire fellow gamers.”

Matt – Director of Gaming

“I’ve always loved playing poker. My personal goal is to give people all over the world the opportunity to play my favorite games. My motto is “have fun with the game and it will show with your winnings” and that hasn’t changed. As a Director of Gaming, the pressure is on me to introduce our users to something different and unique.”


We grow together