Blackjack, also called 21, is by far one of the most popular card games online.

The game offers free play, players also have the option of playing for real money. With some sites, blackjack is offered in various ways thus bringing fun and excitement. One online casino,, offers 40 unique and different versions of blackjack. Due to the different versions on offer, casinos can offer blackjack games that are more in their favor. The version with the highest likelihood for long term winning is the classic version of blackjack.

In addition to the normal bet you can make, you have the opportunity to make side bets. These can include Lucky Lucky, Royal match, 21+3, In Bet, Instant 18 and Bust It! It is not wise to take any of these bets unless you have studied what you are actually betting on. Unless you are card counting, these side bets will very seldom pay off for the player. Side bets allow live casinos the opportunity to find card counters.

With blackjack, a number of well skilled players have made a lot of winning. This is one of the few games that a player’s decision can change the odds of the game. If you use basic strategy, you can significantly reduce the house’s odds. This is one of the few gambling card games where players have a decent chance of beating the house. This is probably the reason why all the smart players play this game.

Before playing, it’s wise to look up basic strategy. There are several books and articles which cover this topic. Learning how to play has its benefits, your pocket might thank you for it!