Maple Casino Releases Free Roulette eBook

Maple Casino, considered Canada’s most authentic online gaming platform, has released a new Roulette beginner’s guide as part of its acclaimed gaming series for casino newcomers. Casino has released an enlightening ebook on how to play Roulette to benefit casino enthusiasts who aren’t well versed in the game. The ebook, cleverly titled Roulette for the Under-Initiated and Overwhelmed, will be of use to both absolute beginners and skilled players, as it covers the basics as well as complex bets and strategies.

The user-friendly layout of the ebook will come as a pleasant surprise to those used to overly complicated instructional texts on gambling. With helpful illustrations, side notes and references all in a clear and concise voice, the reader can easily keep up with this text. The authors assume no knowledge of Roulette and Online Roulette on the part of the reader, but soon progress to the more intriguing side of this glamorous game, including history and trivia which will enlighten even the most seasoned Roulette player.

If you want to delve deeper into the game and learn more about Roulette’s roots, there’s a highly informative section that will tell you everything you want to know – you could become a real Roulette boffin in no time.

Charlotte Jackson, Brand Ambassador for Maple Casino, commented: “Maple Casino has a wide selection of eBooks for players, and this new release it just another useful guide to add to the long list. We believe at Maple Casino that our players not only deserve the best, but we’d like them to be the best. A good gaming experience involves a good game knowledge. Our eBooks offer strategies, stats and tips for effective and successful online gambling, to turn you from a novice to a pro in no time.”

Don’t forget to check out the ebook’s convenient side bars for betting tips, rules, strategies and other up-to-date references that will all provide useful insight into the various components of Roulette. Once you’ve explored the ebook and have familiarized yourself with straightforward strategies and rules of play, you can play online Roulette for free at Maple Casino’s website. offers the best in Canadian online gambling. With its huge range of games, secure banking features and a friendly Support Centre available 24/7, players can enjoy state of the art gaming in the comfort of their own homes. Don’t forget to check out Maple Casinos’ exciting bonus options available to new and returning players.

Play Live at Crazy Vegas Online Casino

There’s a new craze at online casinos that’s changing the way people view the world of online gambling. Live Casinos have become a phenomenal means to play a game of Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat – live, without having to leave home. It could be suggested that Live Casinos are all part of globalization in which the world is slowly integrating and becoming smaller and smaller.

Crazy Vegas Online CasinoThe Live Casino at Crazy Vegas Casino is rather unique when compared to the Live Casinos found at other online casinos. This is because at Crazy Vegas Casino, there are real-life, vibrant ladies who are dressed as Playboy Bunnies and they help clients by taking bets and dishing out cards. Their great hospitality is enlightening and it’s evident that the casino dealers at Crazy Vegas Casino are trained professionals. Players also have the added benefit of being able to view the game table from different perspectives – this provides a fresh outlook and has the potential to benefit strategies and perhaps even encourage wins.

Whilst the Live Casino at Crazy Vegas Casino is a worth-while experience, it is not the only reason why playing at Crazy Vegas Casino could leave you pretty well cashed up. This is because they offer valuable bonuses such as a three-tier deposit bonus selection in which 150 is given to the player free, on deposit number 1. On the players’ second deposit, they’re given a hefty 200 free and on the third deposit another 150 is given to the player from the casino. There is another bonus option available where players get up to $€£3000 in free bets and whatever winnings are made whilst utilizing these bonuses can be kept by the player.

There are over 600 games on offer to players at Crazy Vegas Casino, as well as a progressive jackpot that increases by the second. Crazy Vegas Casino is part of some big names in the industry such as Star Partner and Vegas Partner Lounge and employs the specialties of Microgaming to design each of their games that can easily be awarded a five star status. Each game has a completely unique theme and what stands out particularly at Crazy Vegas Casino is not only their variety, but their 24/7 online help and the comfort of knowing they offer safe and reliable transactions where all details are kept completely confidential.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack continues to be one of the most popular games both in casinos and online. Blackjack, however, is unlike other casino games in one important way. In most games, the player places a wager and is pretty much done with the action. In craps, you make a bet, and throw the dice. In roulette, you make a bet, and spin the wheel. In blackjack though, you make a bet, and are dealt cards, and then get to do something that can increase or decrease the odds of winning—you’re able to stand, hit, double-down or split pairs. In short, your able to play your hand. This is where what is known as the basic strategy comes in.

Basic Strategy Basics

BlackjackDeveloped in the 1950’s by four American GI’s with a decidedly mathematical bent, blackjack basic strategy is a blue-print on how to properly play any blackjack hand that can be dealt. Although invented using only rudimentary analytical tools, the basic strategy has since been tested millions of times in computer simulations and, it still works. It works in single deck games, or with a 6 deck shoe. It works in Sydney, Las Vegas, London and Hong Kong. Online or in-person, the matrix is so mathematically sound that it simply does not matter the venue or rules—it just works. Using the basic strategy will increase the player’s odds of winning.

Getting Even With the House

Every casino game has a built-in house advantage. In blackjack the house advantage is about 6 percent. The house gains this advantage because the player must draw first and thus risks busting before the dealer even plays. But, by playing perfect basic strategy, the player can reduce the house advantage from 6 percent down to .5 percent. That’s pretty close to even, and it’s the best deal you’re going to get at a casino.

The Weak Link

Learning basic strategy is pretty simple; playing basic strategy is a lot harder. It requires discipline to play every hand correctly. For example, basic strategy calls for a player to hit a hard 16 when the dealer shows a 7 through Ace. But suppose the last 6 cards dealt were all low; your gut tells you that a big 10 point card is coming next, ready to bust you. Don’t give in to your gut! The basic strategy only works when it’s played perfectly every hand.

Gambling systems are often just gimmicks. Blackjack basic strategy is not. It is time-tested and proved. Every semi-serious player should learn and use the basic strategy. You won’t win every hand, but, over the long-run, your winnings will increase.

The Wait Continues for Gambling Legalization in Japan

Proponents of legalizing gambling in Japan will have to wait another year for their wish to come true. The Japanese government has decided to postpone any long term decision about the future of gambling in their country. This move is a surprise given how adamant their Prime Minister was about passing a bill to legalize gambling this year.

Prime-Minister-Shinzo-AbePrime Minister Shinzo Abe has been a strong advocate of the legalization of gambling. He believes that the benefits to the tourism industry, along with the tax benefits, would greatly improve Japan’s economy. For a country that is always looking to discover new sources of revenue, gambling would provide an incredible boost.

It appeared that the country was supporting the Prime Minister’s plans. Most polls conducted in Japan reveal that a majority of citizens want gambling legalized. However, political posturing is getting in the way of a serious decision on the matter.

The Prime Minister’s government has been dealing with a lot of issues in the past few months. A number of scandals have propped up that have given their opposition a lot of leeway in the political sector. The opposition is not happy about the notion of legalized gambling. Even though they understand the economic benefits, they do not want to deliver such a big win for the current regime.

A lot of major gambling companies are eagerly awaiting the 2015 government sessions in Japan. They want legalization to happen as soon as possible. For example, the Las Vegas Sands company, Caesars, and MGM are all in a position to open talks over mega billion dollar casino resorts in Japan. Market experts have estimated that legalizing gambling and building casinos in Japan could generate north of $50 billion a year.

Some believe it is only a matter of time before gambling is legalized in Japan, but for now the nervous wait continues.

2014 World Series of Poker Review

This year’s edition of the famous World Series of Poker event was a resounding success. 2014 marked the 45th edition of this event, with WSOP taking center stage during the month of November.

2014 wsopEven though most of the fan and media attention surrounds the November Nine WSOP event, there was a lot of action during the summer as well. From the end of May to the middle of July, some of the best players in the world competed for a shot at the WSOP title. Over 65 different bracelet events took place, with the $10,000 Hold’em Main Event being the star attraction in July.

Five different players managed to win over a million dollars at WSOP in 2014. The biggest winner from this year’s edition was Daniel Colman, who took home over $15 million at the “The Big One for One Drop” event. Martin Jacobson won $10 million for his fantastic performances during the November Nine Hold’em event.

John Hennigan, Hugo Pingray, and Jonathan Dimmig were the three other players whose prize money broke the $1 million barrier. Hennigan’s win came at The Poker Players Championship, while the other two claimed grand prizes at separate hold’em events.

Vanessa Selbst was the most successful woman at this year’s World Series of Poker, winning over $900,000 at the Mixed Max No Limit Hold’em. She beat out over 130 entrants to claim the top prize in this event.

The November Nine event in Las Vegas was a huge draw for fans. Televised coverage of the event attracted attention from all over the United States, with Martin Jacobson picking up his first ever WSOP win. Jacobson’s win was all the more remarkable due to his lack of chips at the start of November Nine. Jacobson started the event with only 7% of the chips, but he beat a star studded field to claim the trophy.

Good Casino Manners

casinoWhen playing at a casino for a first time, you can try the following tips to avoid looking like a confused amateur. Don’t try hand money directly to the dealer; you must put your money down on the table before they can take it. Always check the table minimums and maximums before you bet. For example, don’t try and bet $5 at a table with a $20 minimum.

Most casinos don’t allow photos to be taken on the casino floor or allow food and drinks to be placed on the game tables, so be aware of the casino rules. It is always good to practice good etiquette while playing at the casino, whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for a while. Don’t be the person in the casino who everyone wishes would leave.

Don’t toss or throw your casino chips at the dealer or other players, ordering them to place them for you. If you need to place a chip on the table but can’t reach, ask politely and someone will help. Don’t ask other players how much they’ve lost or won, and don’t announce your own wins or losses to other players either.

If you make a big win don’t overreact by jumping around and screaming. You can celebrate, but not to the extent that you disrupt other players. The same goes for when you lose. Don’t throw a tantrum or swear at the dealer or other players. It’s rude and no one will like you. So, remember, to play smart and to play nice. Practice good casino etiquette and you’ll always have a good time.

Two Poker Scandals and One Huge Purchase

Grosvenor Victoria CasinoIn July, Aprirose investors purchased London’s Grosvenor Victoria Casino for a cool £55.5 million. The casino, known as “the spiritual home of London’s poker scene,” is frequented by celebrity poker players including Victoria Coren. It is also the flagship casino of The Rank Group, a collection of properties around London. Tim Meakes, Head of Specialist Investment at Aprirose, said in a statement that the casino represented an excellent opportunity for the investment company.

In October, renowned poker champion Phil Ivey went to court after being accused of cheating to win a high-stakes game of Punto Banco baccarat. The tournament took place in 2012 at Britain’s oldest casino, Genting Crockfords Casino, which is run by Genting Bhd. His total winnings were £7.7 million, which had not been paid by the casino due to the cheating allegations. Ivey, a 38-year-old American citizen, responded that he did not in fact cheat to win the money. According to his lawyers, he used a technique called edge sorting to win. Both sides agree that Ivey was at the casino during the August tournament, and that he did win the money. “The issue is whether it amounted to cheating,” said Christopher Pymont, lawyer for Genting.

Also in October, yet another poker player faced controversy. Australian poker player Billy Jordanou was linked to a $70 million Ponzi scheme that also involved accountant Robert Zaia. Jordanou allegedly forged documents which he then used to secure loans from the Commonwealth Bank. The documents were forged in the name of 20 of Zaia’s wealthiest accounting clients. Zaia and Jordanou had been business partners in the past, and have been known to go on high-rolling spending sprees. Jordanou has participated in several high stakes tournaments in the past, including the 2013 Asian Pacific Poker Tour.

Rumor: Al Pacino Marvel Bound

Gossip and rumors continue to circulate around the notion of legendary actor Al Pacino accepting a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a matter of when rather than if.

The Story So Far

Al_PacinoRumors that Marvel Studios were on the verge of landing some big fish began circulating in 2013, and then news broke that Robert Redford had accepted the role of Alexander Pierce in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The rumors persisted, however, and then fans learned that Michael Douglas had landed the role of iconic Marvel scientist, and polarizing character, Hank Pym. Still, the rumors persisted.

The Al Pacino News

Then out of ether came the rumor that Al Pacino was considering a Marvel role. The news came out of left field, and the idea seemed a bit preposterous to many, but then Pacino confirmed in an interview that he had met with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, whom he referred to as “the Marvel guy.” Pacino even mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy calling it inventive, funny and strong. His phone then rang during the interview, at which point he quipped it was the studio calling to tell him to shut up. That may have been just a joke or it may have been an indication that there was already a role in mind.

What the Future Holds

Although having the 75-year-old legend in a Marvel movie may seem odd to some, many of us remember him as Big Boy Caprice in the 1990 Dick Tracy movie. That movie rarely worked well as a whole, but it demonstrated that Pacino’s often over-the-top style was right at home in the comic book landscape. Perhaps one of the most interesting rumors is that he would play the father of Star-Lord in the upcoming sequel to the Guardians of the Galaxy film that Pacino mentioned.

Assassin’s Creed Movie Set for 2016 Release

The Assassin’s Creed game franchise has been a huge hit for the better part of a decade. Now the iconic figures from this game are finally coming to the big screen. Ubisoft and 20th Century Fox have revealed that the Assassin’s Creed movie will come out near the end of 2016, with a December 21st release date.

Assassin's CreedIt is interesting that they have chosen this date for Assassin’s Creed, because it comes only seven days after the next Star Wars movie will hit theaters. There will be a lot of eyes on both movies to see which fantasy franchise can come out on top in the battle for box office numbers.

There have been many delays associated with the Assassin’s Creed project. Despite having an Oscar nominated actor involved (Michael Fassbender), there have been a number of problems with production. The movie was meant to release in the middle of 2015, but that has been pushed back by nearly a year and a half.

There is no other news on cast members, plot lines or how deep the movie will go into the Assassin’s Creed mythology. However, many fans are excited about the prospect of seeing Fassbender play Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad.

Despite never having played the Assassin’s Creed games, Fassbender was careful to assuage fan fears when he was first announced. He said that the cast and crew would do everything possible to stay true to the story lines from the games.

The next 24 months will be very big for the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Not only will the movie launch at the end of December 2016, but there is a new game coming along this year. Assassin’s Creed Victory, which takes place during the Victorian era, will be available on Xbox One and PS4 sometime in the summer or fall.

Ubisoft have made a concentrated effort to make movies based on their hit console and PC games. Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs and Ghost Recon will all be hitting the big screen over the next few years.

Battle of the Underwear Photos

Usually it is women who have internet wars where they battle over who can post the most stunning photograph. It’s now the men’s turn to get in on the action.

Popular musician Justin Bieber and rapper-turner-acclaimed-actor Mark Wahlberg are having what is now being called a battle of the underwear.

Calvin KleinBieber released the photos of his recent underwear photo session with the popular brand Calvin Klein. Admittedly, Bieber looks adequate with his chiseled frame and prominent (possibly photo-shopped) bulge. The plethora of tattoos also adds character by erasing some of the boyish charm that helped elevate him to fame. Hollywood followers wanted to see how this photo stacked up against another classic Calvin Klein underwear photo. A website placed Bieber’s picture next to a Calvin Kelein ad of Mark Wahlberg when he was approximately the same age as Bieber. Unlike Justin Bieber, Wahlberg doesn’t have the smattering of tattoos. However, Wahlberg certainly seems more authentic in his underwear photo. He is seen smiling and genuinely enjoying himself. Meanwhile, Bieber looks rather brooding with his hands strangely clasped in some type of prayer gesture while giving puppy eyes to the camera. Wahlberg also appears to be a bit more toned and more comfortable in his own skin than his pop star counterpart.

Votes are currently rolling in to determine which celebrity underwear picture looks the best. Both celebrities are campaigning to win, and Wahlberg maturely dismissed the attention by simply saying he was only proud to be part of the Calvin Klein legacy. Not surprisingly, Wahlberg’s more mature, natural looking photo is crushing the voting process with over 90 percent of the vote. It looks like Bieber better go back to the middle school gymnasium or the nearest middle school guidance counselor. He might not be ready to pose with the big boys just yet.