Nothing But Net – 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament

The world’s greatest ballers don’t have to be relegated to the timeless sport of basketball. Athletes such as Anna Kournikova and Roger Federer have carved out their respective niches in the world of sports. Very soon, you will be able to solidify your place with the greats with the 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament and the Centre Court online video slot.


centre-court-online-slotGet your 8 EUR entry fees ready! This tourney is like the Bloodsport of the online gambling world. Sign up early to ensure your spot in the competition, which is limited to 1000 hungry prospects. This free-for-all takes place on 2015/10/28 00:10, in the GMT + 1:00 (BMT)time zone.


The Centre Court is a throwback to real-life casino slots. This app is a dizzying blend of players, balls and card symbols. The video and audio effects are state-of-the-art and lush, adding multiple levels of enjoyment to the playing experience. In the list below, note the additional features of this app:

  • 5 reels and 9 paylines combine like a Dragonball Z fusion dance to create the most lucrative slot machine in history!
  • 450,000 coins are available for gain with every spin! Will the next spin be the lucky one?
  • Wild and Scatter symbols are dispersed lavishly throughout the game! A maximum of 18 free spins keep the profits coming!

Are you ready to get in the court with the centre court online video slot!

Legality of Online Gambling Questioned in Some Canadian Provinces

When it comes to online gambling and wagering in North America, there seems to be a great difference of opinion and political attitude across various jurisdictions. In Canada, for example, some provinces have welcomed online casinos and have even gone as far as to apply regulation for the purpose of earning governmental revenue and profits. In Alberta and Quebec, however, the legality of online casinos is still being discussed.

The Situation in Alberta

aglcTraditional gambling establishments such as the lottery and “brick-and-mortar” casinos are part of an industry that is showing solid growth in terms of revenue in Alberta. A recent report issued by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission explained that the revenues from casino taxation as well as from lottery and video slot machines totaled more than $1.2 billion after expenses.

With such promising revenue figures, politicians and provincial government officials in Alberta are now pondering whether the Gaming and Liquor Commission should begin to operate an online casino just like Ontario has been doing over the last few months. At this time, the Commission is looking into mental health and addiction issues related to online gambling before it decides to roll out an Internet casino.

Quebec Does Not Want Competition

Online gambling that is not operated by the government is not technically legal in the province of Quebec; however, enforcement is quite lax in this regard. Similar to the current situation in Alberta, Quebec is concerned by gambling addiction issues at this time, but in a different manner.

The Quebec government would like to block access to online gambling sites other than their very own Espacejeux; however, to do so would be criticized as a far-reaching move. To alleviate this issue, Quebec officials are looking into declaring online gambling a public health issue, thereby allowing them to go ahead with the blocking of foreign websites.

UEFA Champions League – The Biggest Champions in Europe

With most huge sporting competitions come huge amounts of betting. One of the largest sporting competitions in the world is the UEFA Champions League. Incorporating the top tier teams from all of Europe’s premier football divisions, the competitions runs annually and works much like any other league-based competition – facing off teams initially in groups and then in a series of knock out phases.

UEFA Champions LeagueRunning since the 1950’s the competition has a very long history of attracting lots of bets, given the fact that it incorporates teams from so many different nations. With a reputation for producing some of the biggest surprises in term of unexpected results, it is very little wonder indeed as to why so many people enjoy placing so many wagers on this competition each and every year.

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most heavily sponsored sporting events to take place in the world annually, with this seasons guarantors including the likes of Gazprom, Heineken, MasterCard, Nissan, PepsiCo and HTC. Such huge sponsorship deals are obviously reflective of huge viewership rates, and you would be correct in thinking that an astronomical number of people tune in to Champions League fixtures year in year out.

The 2013 final between the two Germany Bundesliga clubs Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, which took place at London’s famous Wembley Stadium, is the most watched match of the competition so far. Raking in an estimated 360million television viewers, it is unknowable how many bets were placed!

Media coverage for the Champions League, in particular the latter-stage matches, is immense in size. Many media outlets scramble and contend for the rights to air the games in their countries – with many nations outside of Europe airing the games as well as those nations with teams participating.

Stay Safe While Depositing Funds in Casinos Online

Casinos OnlineOnline casinos are an interesting and quick way of making some money. Plus, there are several choices to choose from, depending on the kind of game you like to your preferred payment option. However while selecting an online casino you need to be careful about choosing a licensed one. Using your credit card to make deposit money in to your account on an online casino may seem convenient, but it may not always be safe given the rise in online credit card frauds. So here we have tips for you to keep your funds safe and enjoy your favourite online casino games uninterrupted.

Your safe bet

Like we said earlier, it is crucial to transact only with reputed online casinos. It is your first step to protecting your account online. Using your credit card with such well-known companies is relatively safe as they ensure that their customers are protected. Among the best and safest options are direct deposits and e-wallets. You can use your bank account to directly deposit funds in your online account. It is fairly simple, quick and safe too.

E-wallets are extremely convenient and reliable too as you get the liberty of pre-deciding the amount of money you want to spend on online casinos. If somehow, a hacker does get access to your e-wallet, he/she will only be able to use the limited amount of money you may have deposited in it. So your bank details and funds will always stay safe. Also, e-wallets are perfect for ensuring that you do not go overboard with your gambling habit.

The bottom line

Your online casino should not have any problem in directly dealing with your bank, unless it has something to hide. So if an online casino is not giving you safer (and at least a few) payment option, you can suspect things to be a little strange.

Slotland Marks First Mobile Jackpot Winner’s 10th Anniversary

Compared to today’s mobile devices, the earliest mobile phones were slow; really, really slow. However, even for these phones, there were those who developed games, even casino games. One of the mobile casino pioneers, Slotland had released many games for mobile users. One such game was Lucky Stars.

Lucky Stars

Slotland_Lucky StarsOne of the first games to be released by Slotland was Lucky Stars, a 3 reel 5 payline slot game. On the twelfth of March, 2005, this game changed the life of one really lucky person. The winner recalls that the good times. His wife had taken theirs to the church and after “fiddling around” for a while, he decided to play. He had already played Lucky Stars before and it had yielded him some results, but nobody could have predicted what would soon happen.

He started off playing Golden 8, but after an hour with no luck he switched to Lucky Stars. He recalls that he had once earned returns of about $200 on a $100 investment. He already had two of his three stars lit up; fifteen minutes later his third star lit up and the bonus spin yielded three bars on his fourth payline, instantly depositing over one hundred and sixty thousand dollars in his account.

His Wife took it Away!

He retained only $5000, which he wanted to spend on gadgets, self-declared gadget-freak that he was; except for the $5000, his wife planned how to spend the rest of it. To commemorate the historic event, it was the first time that a player had won so much on a mobile device after all, Slotland has announce a special bonus that will last through the month, giving players $15 free to use on their mobile games. Today, Slotland has many more games and they are all work well on most smartphones and tablets.

Take a Look at Online Casino Software Now

Traditional casino games such as baccarat, black jack and the big six can be great fun, and their online cousins are as equally amusing. It is tricky to accurately state whether the online alternative is better than the real thing, but anyone can tell that the former has many advantages over the latter. You’ll definitely prize the degree to which technology has grown to fulfill your entertainment needs.

mobileFor those times when you want to try your luck but feel rather lazy, a virtual web casino is a must. Winning a set or having a good time can be problematic if you’re only got a few hours to spare, but from home you can make your own time without even the bother of getting dressed up. After all, there’s no need to set foot outside your front door when you can place your bets in the snug surroundings of your own computer room.

Because they’re virtual, online casinos can easily host more slot machines, dice throwing, card games and other gambling opportunities than brick and mortar outfits. You’re meant to be enjoying yourself, so cut out all the excess garbage and get down to some solid gaming. Crowds vs. privacy, noise vs. peace and quiet, atmosphere vs. convenience, at the end of the day the decision is wholly yours!

The description “web casino” is slightly misnamed as you only really need to be online in order to download it. It sounds rather discouraging for the less technically inclined of you, but it’s really quite straightforward. For ease of use you will not need a browser window open nor will you be relying upon the availability net site.

Your hard drive will bear the brunt of the games rather than being dependent upon the speed of your web connection. In addition, rather than experiencing endless referral procedures whenever something fails, a support number and/or e-mail address will be supplied. Attending the casino can be great way to spend an evening, but playing online casino can be even better. Best of all, the procedure is relatively straightforward. You won’t be left waiting for hours for the program and your deposit to download.

If the elements are against you, why not try a little online video poker? Maybe it’ll be your lucky evening and you could win hundreds and or more.

Download Online Casino Software Today

The most well-known casino games such as bingo, slot machines and blackjack have delighted countless millions, and their online cousins are every bit as enjoyable. As it happens, the age of the casino is slowly but surely being superseded with one from which gambling takes place from the home. You’ll definitely appreciate the lengths to which you barely have to raise more than a finger! If it’s raining outside or if you’ve had a hard day at work, it can be so much easier to power up your PC and bask in a virtual casino experience.

mobile phoneYou have a wide selection of games to choose from and can prepare food and drink in between rounds. The days of aimlessly twiddling your thumbs whilst you wait for your turn on the games or putting up with everyone else are over. Because they’re virtual, online casinos can easily host more slot machines, dice throwing, card games and other gambling opportunities than brick and mortar outfits. By cutting the Gordian Knot of gambling, all you need to ensure is that your PC and internet connection are working.

In a normal casino you are one of many trying to muscle in on the stakes, so why not simply eschew the grief and make your bet really count?

The description “Web casino” is slightly misnamed as you only really need to be online in order to download it. This might sound rather intimidating for the less computer literate of you, but it’s really quite straightforward. Fortunately you won’t need to keep a Net browser window open in order to play, as the download will be much easier to use than a website. Thankfully the majority of the games are not graphics intensive so they should run without any problems on a low-mid range PC.

With luck all you’ll have to worry about is power outages! If something fails or you have a question, there’s a tech team ready and waiting to handle your problem. It’s a matter of personal taste but Web casinos have their place in the modern day. The creators have ensured that there’s genuinely nothing complicated about them. You won’t be waiting around for hours on end for the program and your deposit to download, nor will you be confined to merely a few types of games.

The Interesting History of Poker Chips

Poker and poker chips naturally go together. People just don’t think of playing poker without using poker chips. But in the early days of poker, chips weren’t available. Read on if you want to learn more about poker chips past, present, and future.

PokerChipsEarly poker players played the game with things like gold nuggets or gold dust. Gaming houses and saloons soon saw the need for the standardization of betting units, so they started using clay, ivory and bones. When some players found it easy to forge these units, the gaming houses and saloons began branding the units with unique symbols.

But forging continued to be a problem, so companies started creating clay composition poker chips, and by the 1880s the poker chip industry was born. And, naturally enough, some players started finding ways to forge poker chips.

Is it still possible to forge poker chips?

The truth is, it is virtually impossible to forge poker chips nowadays. It is actually harder to forge poker chips than it is to forge American currency. Even if a chip was forged, it would be easy for a cashier to spot the fake. Poker chips are designed to have individual textures and weights. They have their own special feel.

Of course, casinos go much further in protecting against chip forgeries. Many casinos plant microchips inside their poker chips. They even use serial numbers on their chips. And, of course, they use plenty of other security measures which they’re not telling.

So, will the trusty poker chip ever be replaced with another betting tool? Will casinos resort to a form of electronic betting device? No one can say for sure. After all, there’s a lot to be said for a player being able to see what is in front of him and all of the other players as well. And what would players do if they didn’t have the chips to fiddle with while deciding how to play their hands?

But, by the same token (no pun intended), if an electronic betting apparatus can save casinos the cost of producing chips, the iconic chip just may go the way of the Dodo bird.

Roulette Etiquette

When playing roulette in a live casino, there are a few simple rules and courtesies that should be followed to maximize everyone’s enjoyment of the game. On the casino side, the rules and procedures that must be followed by the dealers and players are there to protect the integrity of the game and ensure neither party cheats.

RouletteWhen placing bets, don’t toss chips onto the betting area; you must place them neatly onto the appropriate area for the bet. With many players making the same bets, tossing chips can disrupt other bets, and the tossed chips are not likely to land where they need to be anyway. If the bet you intend to make has a chip from another player in place, simply place your chip on top of the existing bets.

After the dealer spins the wheel and releases the ball, there will be a point where he waves his arm over the table and calls for no more bets. From this point until all bets are paid, you must not reach into the betting area. When the number is decided, the dealer will place the dolly, a small plastic totem, on top of the wining number. He will then clear all chips from losing bets from the board and proceed to payout the winners. It is very important to not reach for your payout until the totem is removed from the board. All winning bets will be counted out first and organized on the felt.

When the dolly is removed by the dealer – that’s your signal to collect your winnings.

The chips used on a roulette table are unique and can only be used on roulette. Each player has a different color of chips, and the value of each chip is determined when you buy in by placing a marker into a position with the declared chip value into a slot corresponding to each players chip color. To buy chips from the dealer, lay your money on the felt. The dealer may not take money from your hand, it must be picked up from the table.

A-May-zing Month of Winners at Casino-Mate

There is no doubt about it – May has been an unbelievable month for Casino-Mate players! With four lucky winners walking away with big wins, this casino really has cause to celebrate.

T.A took home an a-May-zing $66686.01 playing on Retro Reels – Diamond Glitz, Joker 8000 and Hot Ink. She commented elatedly: “I was so happy to have won over $50,000. Casino-Mate is a great gaming site with awesome games! The best thing about it is that they have fast payouts without any issues!”

casino mateThe Thunderstruck series has always been a popular game for winners and this May we saw why! M.A won $17,170.00 on Thunderstruck and B.S won a substantial $20,923.20 on Thunderstruck 2.

The biggest mention this month however should go to V.C. With a winning total of $221,544.06, he was Casino-Mate’s shining star and showed what it truly means to walk away a winner. V.C. took home the rewards when he won on a variety of exciting slot games like Hot Ink, Retro Reels- Extreme Heat, Loaded, Avalon, Retro reels – Diamond Glitz and No Worries.

Connor Reeves, Manager and “voice” for Casino-Mate, commented, “We are absolutely gob-smacked with the amount of winners this month. To all the lucky players who were handsomely rewarded, and especially to V.C …Congratulations! You have made Casino-Mate proud! Our casino is about excitement, thrills and wins and our main goal is to ensure that our players have a satisfying gaming experience with us. With so many winners this May, we are confident that we have succeeded. Happy winners mean a happy casino!”

Casino-Mate is an authentic Australian themed online casino that offers players over 600 exciting games to choose from, including Video Slots, Progressive jackpots, Table Games, Parlour Games, Video Poker and more. Powered by Microgaming™, their games are guaranteed to bring excitement and delight to players with their incredible graphics, exhilarating themes and realistic sound effects. New amazing games are added to the game pool every month, bringing players more gaming thrills and more opportunities to win.

At Casino-Mate, new players are welcomed into the family with two Welcome Bonus options. If they choose the FreePlay Bonus, they receive 2000 complimentary credits to play and win with for 60 minutes on any game in the casino, no deposit required! They also get an added extra of 30 FreeSpins on Thunderstruck 2 which could make them a winner just like B.S. If players choose the Match Bonus offer, they will get an option of three Match Bonuses to choose from: either 300%, 100% or 35%, depending on the amount deposited.